An avid life liver

via Daily Prompt: Avid

For lunch today we ate our faces.

My daughter is four and she is avid about everything.

Today: Craft, painting, kindy, dress-ups, dance and making pizza faces.

Yesterday: Ice skating, fairies, gardening, bike riding and making pizza faces.

Everyday: wearing fairy winged t-shirts with frilly skirts, drinking warm milk with honey, climbing trees, drawing and crafting cardboard boxes into glittering treasure trunks for her kindy friends.

She only stops to sleep.

She is an avid life liver.

Earlier today she made me and daddy model different facial expressions that she would use for inspiration when she made pizza faces for lunch.

In a cloud of flour she rolled out the dough, spreading tomato paste and lightly spiced mince meat across the surface.

Carefully cutting up green and yellow capsicum and slicing olives she made her faces.

One pizza face for each of us: Herself, her brother (18 months), mummy and daddy.

The smell of freshly cooked pizza was irresistible.

We ate our faces avidly.


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