An autumnal blanket

It is the season of autumn in Adelaide.

One week is hot with clear skies and warm nights, the next it is cold and pouring with rain.

The trees seem confused.

Half green with new growth and half red with the turn of the season.

Some stand near naked.

The coming of winter frightens me.

I do not like cold weather.

The heaters are already on in the house despite the looming electricity bill.

Layered clothing, socks and nanna blankets cover our laps.

House-bound I bake: melting moments, banana cake and apple pie.

Slow cooked dishes of lamb and subtle spices feed the soul.

But when there is break in the weather and we eagerly head outdoors, it is the crisp cold air that embraces us.

Breathing new life into our dormant bodies.

The irony.

via Daily Prompt: Blanket