Do you know what a tenter hook is?

So I had to look the meaning of today’s word prompt, tenterhooks and discovered just where the commonly used phrase, ‘on tenterhooks’ really came from. I’ve heard of the phrase and took it to mean someone was stressed to the max, ready to break at any moment and now I understand just how accurate the phrase is to the actual tenter.

A tenter is a wooden frame with bent hooks (tenter hooks) used to hold woven fabric tight while it is drying to prevent shrinkage. This website has a nice explanation and images too,


A snippet of what is to come

A wonderful baker and photographer from Germany has created a virtual advent calendar featuring 24 bloggers from around the globe.

Jenny Rojas, who works in HR, loves to bake. Baking is her time to create. And what wonderful things she creates. Just check out her blog, Jenny Is Baking.

This year, however, she wanted to create a food advent calendar to learn more about how the festive holidays are celebrated around the world. “Spice It Up!” will feature one new recipe each day from December 1-24.

I was one of the lucky ones and will feature my recipe on on December 9.

If you like the sound of opening up a “door” each day and receiving a new recipe then check out the calendar at “Spice It Up!”.

Daily Prompt: Cloaked

It has been happening to me a lot lately. An overwhelming feeling of conforming and consuming, and what for? What kind of life is this, I ask myself. My husband works six days a week, why? Just so I can spend all the money he earns on making me and the kids feel happy temporarily? It is a cloak, this capitalistic life. It is not living. Well, not the kind of living I want to do. But for now it will have to do. We dream of owning a house and some land. A place we can farm just for ourselves. A place where we can really be. Living with the land, being closer to one another and sharing with our neighbours. A life that sustains us as much as we sustain life.

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Generous sized tummy, generous soul

To be a woman, a curvy one, perhaps described as plump or fat is a paragon. In many cultures, including my husbands, a woman who eats is a satisfied woman who is generous in nature, caring and loving of others. To be a thin woman who is careful of gaining weight is to be a fussy woman who is never satisfied. So enjoy your food and eat, I say, eat and share with one another and feel the satisfaction. The satisfaction of fillings those around you with joy. Be a paragon to others.

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I use to live my life in a constant state of panick but I called it stress. I had too much on my plate. But I’ve eliminated those things that took up too much head space, including people. Yes, there were people in my life that sucked the very happiness from it. So I’ve slowly been ridding myself of all that crap that I don’t need. Slowly, I’ve been listening to myself. What my mind, body and soul needs. And really it needs very little. But those little things must matter.

Feeling knackered? I embrace it.

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What does knackered really feel like?

I never knew until I became a parent.

Now I do not know anything else.

Of course that is not entirely true, but it is pretty close.

When I am particularly knackered I whinge.

A bit of whinging really helps, I find.

But then I end up whinging all the time.

So, I embrace feeling knackered.

It can really take away a lot of stress.

Stress about the little things.

For instance, my 18 month old continues to empty the contents from the fridge door, freezer ice tray and the kitchen cupboards all over the kitchen floor.

I continue to bake, pushing containers and packets out of my way as I move around.

I step on blocks of ice melting slowly on the lino and soak my socks.

But I am too knackered to clean it up for the tenth time today.

Better just to let it go, I breath.

Sometimes being knackered is the best thing to be.